37. GROWTH Tips from Top Episodes | Edison Research, Libsyn, TPT and LaunchPodMedia

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This week we spotlight the biggest takeaways from four of the most-downloaded episodes of Podcast Coaching with Christine. You’ll get industry expert advice from the Senior VP at Edison Research, Melissa Kiesche, and secrets to growth from VP of Podcaster Relations at Libsyn, Rob Walch. Next up, you’ll learn the legal issues every podcaster should know with Entertainment Lawyer at Twin Cities PBS, Maggie Armstrong. Last but not least, LaunchPodMedia co-founders, John Dinkel, and Dee Kei Waddell, teach us how to game podcasting analytics downloads to grow their productions, so you can too. 

What we learn:

Episode 1: Rob Walch

1:47 Why you should start a podcast

“It could be someone who wants to promote their brand, someone who wants to create their brand” 

There’s approximately 600 Million bloggers vs 600,000 podcasters:  that’s a 1000:1 ratio. Room to grow.

10:57 Why media hosts are important and RSS Feeds

“Apple does not host any podcasts, they don’t host a single media file. To get it in Apple Podcasts you have to first host your file elsewhere and have an RSS Feed” 

Your “RSS Feed,” supplied by your media host, like Libsyn, is the treasure map of your content on the internet

Episode 2: Melissa Kiesche 

17:55 Understand your audience

“If you are going to try to start a podcast you need to understand the audience you’re trying to reach:

19:19 Traditional podcast advertising 

“People that are looking to grow their business through advertising. There’s a bunch of different ways to touch podcasting. The obvious way is through traditional advertising.” 

Episode 5: Maggie Armstrong

14:12 How to protect your brand and when to talk to a business lawyer

“If you want to make sure your brand is as protected as possible, getting a federally registered trademark is the highest level of protection.”

42:22 Publicity rights and podcasting

Public figures have the right to control their own publicity..what their name is used for. If you have someone on your podcast that is a public figure it is advisable that you have a conversation, potentially in writing.

Episode 9 LaunchPodMedia

7:10 Bring value to the conversation

“The biggest mistake a lot of beginning podcasters make is that podcasting is contributing to a conversation and you need to bring value to the conversation that your audience wants to hear about.”

26:41 Importance of RSS Feed, keywords and SEO 

“Not use the automatic RSS Feed, Google is tracking the automatic transcript generated by your show…then you can usually beat out advertisements at $16 a click.

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Production:  Bright Sighted

Host: Christine O’Donnell

Guest:  Melissa Kiesche, Maggie Armstrong, Rob Walch, John Dinkel and Dee Kei Waddell

Editor: Laura Veloso

Assistant Producer: Heather Chiles

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