Special Episode: black podcasts that educate, inspire & make an impact

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Amplifying amazing black podcasts that taught me something. I highly recommend the following podcasts/ episodes. 

There’s more I look forward to listening to and learning from in the weeks to come. Please share your suggestions and takeaways with me in my inbox podcastcoachchristine@gmail.com

Thank you for being here. 

Now,  I hope you listen, learn, and act! 

One of the best ways to act is to donate: 

Here are the number of organizations you can donate to and learn from.

MORE RESOURCES: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AIj0xvLAlelj1p2zwazRNNwQFMkKSlum-sgI1bce8aY/edit

Please take a look and if you’re able, donate. If you’re not able, take a moment to listen, learn and perhaps find yourself in an uncomfortable conversation whether that’s with yourself or with a person of color…because it’s in that discomfort where we all grow. 

And that is something positive we can all cling to. 

Check out this episode!

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